Spooky and Creepy Items on a Chocolate Base Pizza


Chocolate Pizzas are 20cm in diameter, approx 450g of solid milk chocolate and variety of confectionery toppings in 4 sections.

This item is packaged in cellophane with a bright ribbon in a genuine pizza box.


Nutrition Fact

Servings per Package: 7 Per (100g) Per Serving (75g)

Energy Content (Kj) 1948.44 1461.33

Protein (g) 3.74 2.805

Fat total (g) 17.86 13.395

Saturated (g) 16.81 12.6075

Carbohydrates total (g) 71.44 53.58

Sugars (g) 64.64 48.48

Sodium (mg) 77.2 57.9

Halloween Themed Chocolate Pizza

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