Heart Shaped Chocolate Pizza - Approx 450g of solid milk chocolate with a variety of confectionery toppings.

This item is packaged in cellophane with a bright ribbon in a genuine pizza box.


Since chocolate was brought to Europe it has been considered the food of love. Stories of its properties as an aphrodisiac for the aristocrats were well known. The Spanish who brought it to Europe, learnt about chocolate from the Aztecs. Tradition sought in Europe that each year on the 14th of February young men would court young ladies with flowers and gifts and because back then chocolate was rare and expensive it wasn't long before this was the favourite gift given by the rich and aristocratic who were able to provide this for the object of their affections.

It wasn't long however before the secret of chocolate got out and soon chocolate houses were opening up across Europe, the best of which were and still are in Belgium. Belgium's best Chocolatier Neuhaus Chocolates was founded in 1857 and although the are the official provider of chocolate to the Belgian Royal Family these days even chocolate as good as theirs is affordable so that everyone can enjoy them. More importantly they are affordable enough that you can give them to those you care about on Valentines Day and any other day of the year.

Chocolate Heart Pizza

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